5 Tips on How to Store Fragile Items the Right Way 

Have you ever had your delicate glassware shattered? How about your antiques, are you sure that they are still in their optimal quality? From simple picture frames to electronics, you name it, we all own important and fragile things in our lives. May it be expensive or not, you are probably reading this because these items mean a lot to you. Some fragile items showcase one’s ability to purchase extravagant items and some associate these with sentiments. Most of the time, the items we hold on to reflect on us as people; the items we hold on to show our interests in life. Through failure in storing our treasured fragile items, we unintentionally let it be damaged or worse, broken and unusable. Are you tired of your fragile items being mistreated? Discover ways on how to store fragile items the right way by reading more!

Tip 1: Using The Right Materials

This is where bubble wrap or tissue papers combine to make up first tip, you may wrap fragile items individually in these to prevent breakage in case of falls or slips.

If they were to be placed inside a box, make sure that the box is well-fitted for the product and its padding such as packaging peanuts or even crumpled newspaper to reduce an extra space in the box.

Proper packing can go a long way in protecting items as it serves as pillars and cushions at the same time for constituents. Investing in high-quality packing is important, as using cheap ones might save you money today but cost you more when they aren’t as effective and end up shifting around in transit.

As for hollow items such as porcelain containers, jars, and the like, it is a must to fill the inside with packing paper to soften vibrations, especially when being transported. You may also add additional soft layers to the bottom of the boxes, these soft layers may be styrofoam or bubble wrap. Consider using a box that is stable enough to hold items which means that you should avoid using flimsy boxes.

Tip 2: Labeling Your Boxes

Reduce risks by labeling the boxes of their contents along with their appropriate fragile tape labels to inform other people and maybe even yourself!

This tip will help reduce forgetting that a certain closed box contains a fragile item. This will also avoid people handling the package in breaking it whenever needed for transport or simply, to be opened. This will serve as a visual cue for the handlers of the package. A visual cue which will automatically indicate that careful handling is to be done as the contents of the box are delicate. It aids in easier communication and awareness with transportation and logistics processes. It is advisable to also put extra strips of tape at the bottom of the box for an extra stronger base. 

Tip 3: Avoid Overpacking

Avoid overcrowding when packing a fragile item for storing. This minimizes the risk of colliding, especially between fragile items. Ample amount of spacing allows for proper cushioning and reduces the risks for pressure points which prevents scratches to the item. If stacking or many items are to be placed in one box is unavoidable, be sure to place heavier ones at the bottom while the lighter ones are on top. This will prevent the heavy items from crushing the lighter ones. When a large number of glasswares will be placed in a single box, use dividers like cardboards so they will not touch each other to prevent cracks. 

Tip 4: Regular Checking of Fragile Items

Regularly check and rearrange the fragile items to maintain their condition. Not only will this eliminate worries on how your items are doing, this will also ensure that they are maintaining their optimal quality. Checking up on your items only means that you are concerned about their situation and this will also bring you peace of mind. This may also help in early detection of mistakes commonly made in storing and other issues. With this, it will enable you to address and resolve the respective issues timely which majorly contributes to the overall effectiveness of the item. Your treasured items deserve the love and time from you. 

Tip 5: Utilizing a Self-Storage Facility

Once all these are done, we may now move on to the 5th and last tip. A self storage facility may be a major way in preventing damage to your fragile items. Storing your fragile items outside of the day-to-day business of your house is a good way to keep things out of reach and prevent damage.

Most self storage facilities offer a variety of unit sizes depending on the preference of the customer. Customers are then responsible for packing and moving in their items. This is the part where tips 1 to 4 may be applicable and helpful for you.

A trustworthy self storage facility is a vital step to consider in protection of valuables so tip number 5, it is a good idea to invest in a self storage facility to help provide the sufficient space needed for your articles. Such facilities are extra helpful for people finding a separate space for their belongings. It is important to place them in a safe and secure location; make sure that the area you will be placing these boxes in are dry and protected. Bear in mind the qualities a storage facility must possess to be able to have the ultimate self storage experience. It should be a climate-controlled secure place with surveillance cameras and secure access control. 

Final Say

Organizing items systematically will make item-retrieval easier while decreasing the chances of your items being compromised. Being organized may also impact your life drastically as being organized leads to success. Take control now, being organized will provide a clutter-free environment for you. Thus, this shall increase your productivity and performance. All while your treasured fragile items are safe and sound. Start achieving long-term preservation of valued possessions and the ultimate self storage experience with Atlas Self Storage!