The Top 10 Storage Unit Rentals In Aransas County Texas

52% of Aransas is covered in water, which means most of Rockport and Corpus Christi cater towards boat owners and boat storage.

Storage units are leasable open or enclosed space which can be used for a variety of things. It can be used to store vehicles, boats, RVs, home furniture, business inventory, seasonal supplies like Christmas decorations, pretty much everything. Climate controlled storage is important if the things that you are going to store are prone to rust, mold, drying out, or warping.

Items that are fabrics, leather, metal, paper, or wood could use constant humidity and temperature to prevent them from deteriorating in this climate. Examples of these are appliances, clothing, documents, electronics, furniture, item collections such as coins, musical instruments, photographs and films.

Storage Facilities in Aransas

With plenty of options in Aransas, finding the right storage facility might feel daunting. Luckily this article covers the top 10 storage unit rentals in the area to make it easier for you to pick one.

1. Atlas Self Storage


901 Henderson St, Rockport, TX78382

Affordable, 24/7 Security, and Drive-up access, are usually what the majority of us are looking for in a storage unit. This facility is a solid option if climate controlled storage is not on your list. This facility was recently acquired and renovated to compete with the other facilities in the area, and this competition is only sure to be on your and every customer’s benefit. With an easy online booking and accessible customer service, which is their number one priority you cannot go wrong choosing this facility.

2. Cubesmart Self Storage

With 2 branches in Aransas, West Wheeler Avenue and Kenny Lane, this company must be successful to consider having 2 branches despite being on the pricier side. Their facility in Kenny Lane features indoor parking for your RV, Boat, or Vehicle so if this is what you need, this is one of your options! There are also climate controlled units available which is very important if you have possessions that are sensitive to climate especially when storing them for a long time.

3. Big Fisherman Boat & RV Storage

Are you a big fisherman? No? Well you may want to skip this one as the smallest unit they are offering is a 12’ x 35’ for your boat (unless you need a unit that big). As the name implies, this facility has boat, rv, and trailer storage, perfect for a big fisherman, or pretty much everyone. Conveniently located at North Walker Road near Palm Harbor, this facility is a very fitting choice if you use a boat there. There is 24-hour access and there are features that complement a vehicle storage such as a high-pressure washer, air compressor for tires, and electrical outlets in your storage unit.

4. A Toy Box Storage

Not just a storage for all your boxes of toys, as this facility also offers climate-controlled units and outdoor parking space even for an 18-wheeler truck! This 24-hour accessible facility is located at West Wheeler Avenue, a fitting location for a facility accepting trucks, maybe they actually meant a toy box the size of a container van storage?

5. The Storage Place – Boat Lodge

As the name implies, this place is a boat lodge. Only featuring outdoor or covered parking and storage for a boat or an rv. This facility located at the corner of A-1 Hill Road and Avenue A features washing bays, air and water hoses which are perfect for keeping your vehicle clean and inflated. Also featuring an ice machine, air-conditioned restrooms, and 24/7 access.

6. Sweet Bay Mini Barns

Located at North Avenue A, this facility features RV and boat parking as well as self storage units. Their starting size is a 6’ x 10’ unit for a very affordable price, and their open-space parking is 15’ x 30’. The facility is fenced although not through the whole perimeter. Their self storage sizes reach up to 14’ x 57’. This facility has 24/7 accessibility, onsite security, and drive-up access.

7. Fortress Storage Center Inc. 

Fenced all around the perimeter and a castle-like building at the front, appropriate for their name. This facility seems to have no website so if you are interested and want to know more, you may have to call their phone, or go through other websites to see available units, or go to the place itself which is located along Highway 35 South near pride park. This facility features drive-up access and video surveillance. 

8. Safeguard Mini Storage

With 2 branches in Aransas, one located at Cactus St. in Fulton and one the other located along TX-35 BUS. Their fulton branch only features self storage while the other also features climate controlled units as well as fully-enclosed boat and RV storage with electricity and wide driveways. Their website is very informative and helpful especially about determining if your items need climate controlled storage. Their branch with boat and RV storage is less than a half mile close to Fulton Harbor. The facility is security fenced, well lit, and also features video surveillance and drive-up access. With self storage sizes spanning from 10’ x 10’ to to 20’ x 20’ which can be used as a garage and accommodate vehicles. Climate controlled units start at 5’ x 5’ up to 10’ x 35’ and their specialized boat and RV storage start at 12’ x 25’ up to 13’ x 55’ with a 60 foot wide driveway.

9. Stowaway Climate Controlled

Climate controlled but definitely no stowaways, this facility also features non-climate controlled units, drive-up access. Affordable with sizes ranging from 5’ x 6’ up to a whopping 50’ x 75’. This facility has 24-hour accessibility and video surveillance. Located on the southwest corner of Myrtle St. and TX-35

10. Aransas Pass Total Storage

Located along Marshall Lane, Aransas Pass Total Storage has everything you need, from standard or climate controlled storage to outdoor parking or enclosed storage for a boat,vehicle, or an RV. With 24-hour accessibility, restrooms included, and digital video surveillance. With size options from a 5’ x 10’ to a 10’ x 30’, climate controlled units up to 10’ x 15’ and commercial units ranging from 14’ by 25’ to 14′ by 75’ there is surely an option that will be right for you. Their outdoor parking size is 12’ by 40’. The facility is fenced, wind rated, and features standing seam roofs which reduce the risk of leaks significantly.

Whether you need an affordable and simple storage solution, a climate controlled storage, vehicle parking or a storage close to your home, business, commute, or the harbor you are sure to find a lot of options big or small in Aransas. Be sure that all the items you plan to store are allowed by inquiring to the personnel of the facility, especially about perishable goods. Do final checks for your choice of facility by going there personally to see if they stay true to their commitments and everything meets your needs.