The Ultimate Self Storage Directory in Rockport, Texas (With The Top 5 Facilities)

While Rockport is known for their laid back beach lifestyle, it comes at no surprise that there is still a high demand of storage needed for your vacation items or day-to-day needs.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, there are several reasons why you would need self storage in Rockport. Today we’ll explore them in this blog post. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to four different self-storage facilities conveniently located in the area.

Why Choose Self Storage in Rockport, Texas

  1. Hurricane Preparedness: Rockport is no stranger to hurricanes. Especially after Harvey struck in 2017, having a reliable place to store emergency goods is important, and residents should take precautions to protect their belongings during storm season. Finding a reliable storage unit that can offer a secure and weather-resistant solution to keep valuable items safe during inclement weather is as important as ever. Renting a unit can provide peace of mind, knowing that your possessions are protected from wind, rain, and flooding.
  2. Seasonal and Recreational Gear: Rockport’s coastal location outside of Corpus Christi makes it the ideal spot for water sports and outdoor activities (even if they can’t go year round). Whether you’re a fisherman, boater, or beach enthusiast, you likely have equipment that takes up space when not in use or out of season. Storage facilities are an ideal place to store your kayaks, fishing gear, surfboards, and beach chairs until your next adventure.
  3. Home Renovations: If you’re a Rockport homeowner, you may find yourself in need of temporary storage during home renovations or remodeling projects. Storing furniture, appliances, and other household items in a storage unit keeps them safe and out of the way while the work is being done, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Now, let’s take a look at five self-storage facilities in Rockport, Texas, each offering unique features and services to cater to your specific storage needs.

1. Atlas Self Storage – Rockport

  • Phone Number: 361-400-0202
  • Address: 901 Henderson St Rockport, TX 78382

First up is Atlas Self Storage – Rockport. A brand new renovated facility with improved security (gates, cameras and lights) along with a variety of unit sizes that move facilities no longer offer, they make for one of the best facilities in Rockport. The call center is available for questions throughout the week to assist you with your renting needs!

They can give you prices to all of their available units directly when you call at 361-400-0202.

Or swing by the facility to take a look for yourself over at 901 Henderson St Rockport, TX 78382

2. CubeSmart Self Storage

CubeSmart Self Storage is conveniently located just off Highway 35 North. They offer a variety of unit sizes to accommodate everything from small household items to large furniture and vehicles. The facility is well-lit, fenced, and equipped with 24/7 video surveillance for security, though it may be one of the pricier options in the area, you can expect great service.

3. Lockaway Storage

Lockaway Storage provides clean and well-maintained storage units in various sizes. They offer climate-controlled units to protect your belongings from extreme weather conditions. With their competitive pricing and friendly staff, Lockaway Storage is an excellent choice for both short-term and long-term storage needs.

4. Affordable Mini Storage

Affordable Mini Storage lives up to its name by offering budget-friendly storage solutions without compromising on security. Their facility is gated and well-lit, providing easy access to your belongings whenever you need them. They offer a range of unit sizes to fit your requirements.

5. Coastal Storage

Coastal Storage prides itself on offering clean and secure storage options with 24/7 access. They provide boat and RV storage in addition to traditional self-storage units, making them an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts in Rockport.


In Rockport, Texas, self-storage facilities offer invaluable solutions for residents and visitors alike. Whether you need to safeguard your belongings during hurricane season, store seasonal gear, or create more space during home renovations, Rockport’s self-storage facilities have you covered.