Storage Units for College Students: Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you are a college student or not, we all know a few undergraduates who may or may not have a dorm room overflowing with items and the need for space (especially during the summer months).

Rather than overpaying or living in a crammed room, we’ll walk you through how to go about getting more space for your items.

Importance of Storage Units for College Students

Students of all levels typically have a lot of school supplies, however for college students, they have school supplies, electronic appliances, clothes, and the like as they transition and move on between dorms and apartments. A storage unit will help lessen clutter in the places they are staying in for college which gives way for other objects needed for school such as a study table and chair in their room.

With this, the students will be more comfortable as their environment will feel more homely and not cramped with unnecessary items. This may also help them be more productive and have a satisfactory performance in school as being organized helps promote an overall well-being of a person. Having a clutter-free environment will help them feel less anxious and overwhelmed. 

The best part is, there are plenty of storage facilities near these students if you live in popular college towns.

Not only does this provide convenience but it also provides a sense of relief for some students who prefer having roommates. This is because most of their belongings are free from risks of breakage and theft as it is in a storage unit, safe and sound. This is possible if you carefully choose a reliable self storage facility. 

What Items Do College Students Often Need?

College students may use the storage unit for their extra clothes, textbooks, furniture, electronic appliances, kitchenware, sentimental items, and other voluminous items that may not fit in their dorm rooms. By investing in a storage unit, they are able to retrieve their possessions with ease whenever they need it. They may also achieve the goal of reclaiming their cherished treasures once they graduate from college but in the meantime, it stays all in the previous condition they once were, in the storage unit.

This can also help during long winter, spring and summer breaks when college students tend to travel, work, or go home for the summer. Sentimental items are most especially important for some college students considering the fact that they are far from their loved ones.

Being able to assess the individualized and specific needs of college students is vital as this provides a meaningful and productive college involvement. As for the space needed, it will depend on how much belongings we are talking about but most storage facilities own a variety of sizes of storage facilities to choose from. Personally, we reccomend something small like a 5×5 unit which can fit just basic essentials.

Packing and Organizing Tips

What are some key steps to remember to pack your storage with fragile items?

Securing a checklist to be able to not overlook some things needed to be packed may be needed for those who will move a lot of items. Prioritize packing essentials such as toiletries. Make sure to use extra precautions by investing in padding for boxed items. Furniture, as much as possible, should be disassembled before being transported to avoid breakage and for easier transport. When using boxes, clear labels of the contents are essential to make unpacking more simple. One of the many alternatives to boxes may be storage bins so that the contents inside may be easily seen from the outside.

Another alternative may be suitcases as clothes, towels, and beddings, may be placed inside a suitcase for easier transporting and to automatically indicate that the contents of the said suitcase are all of the same uses. To be able to maximize the space of the facility, consider donating, selling, or disposing old items. Through this, you may be able to give way for other items needed to be stored in the facility.

To keep track of your belongings, do not forget to do inventory tracking. This is where you may document and organize information about a certain item. Categorize the item based on where and how they are used. As much as possible, use detailed description for each item because in this way, you may also monitor its condition and if given the chance, attach photos corresponding to each item (despite this being extra work). This is a crucial step to be able to monitor your belongings whenever packing and unpacking.

Above all else, remember to not store food in your units! This can attract unwanted visitors to your storage unit

The Right Facility

The right self storage facility should include being reliable and easy to rent from. You should look out for things like renovated gates, lights, cameras and Davinci Locks for 24/7 security. A facility that speaks for itself with confidence, Atlas Self Storage, a full-service storage facility within reach. Safekeeping has never been this easy so improve your life by contacting us now!

Check out our testimonials and FAQ page on our website for more information.

To all college students out there, be sure to read the reviews of any storage facility before making a decision. The good news is, most leases are month to month, so you don’t need to make a long term commitment.